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Proud To Be Curly

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I once was a young girl who loved to straighten my hair. I actually got my hair done almost every two weeks at a salon. Although, I didn't straighten my hair because I hated my curly hair. I was always steered away from my natural hair and given relaxers and taught that straightening my hair was just easier to manage. In reality a few good products would have made my hair easier to manage and I could have embraced my natural hair all throughout my childhood. 
 We live and we learn which is why today I love my curls and it took me over three years to get to this point of getting my hair back healthy. Because, healthy hair is beautiful hair regardless of the texture you have. However, some people will agree to disagree to that last statement. A debate is constantly arising in the natural hair community about the "correct standard" on how one should wear their hair. I always find myself in conversations with women and young girls about why they hate their curls. The sad part about it most of them don't embrace their curls because of how society may view them as unprofessional or a lot of young girls feeling as though they are different from their friends. 
 No one dictates your view of beautiful so why should someone be able to dictate your beautiful hair? Is it because you don't look like all your coworkers with sleek straight hair? Young girls.. is it because your friends always ask about how your hair is so curly and they always want to touch it in awe? Or is it because someone taught you that straight hair is "professional" that straight hair is "easier"? Let's think about this for a second. You are not defined by your hair. Your hair is not apart of the dress code. Your hair is what God naturally gave you. Am I right? 
 We always try to live by the "standards" of society or the views of how others may feel. Although, why can't you feel happily beautiful just how God made you? He made no mistake.. in fact I look at my curls as a divine uniqueness that no one can take from me. An ability to express myself of feeling free and my most authentic self. No one has your curls and no one has my curls that's the beauty of being natural and free. 
 Embrace your curl journey, your journey to being free and authentic. Embrace being unique because tons of people would silently kill to have those curls girl! Embrace the natural beauty of not allowing your hair to define you. A big fro does not define what you can do in your corporation, how well of a lawyer you can be. Your hair does not define or make you less capable of something just because you don't look like everyone else. Always remember your adversity is your advantage. Love your curls, love yourself and don't worry about what others may think. Curly and free is my idea of beautiful and no one can change that. 




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